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December 07, 2009


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Brenda Herrick

Please Mr Sellwood if you see this, do you have any influence with British Govts.? You must be one of the few people who can knock some sense into their silly heads. The media is full of stories about OFGEM warnings, future energy shortages, huge household bills with worse to come, etc. yet their targets for energy saving are pathetic as are the sums they are prepared to spend. Homes carbon neutral by 2050 – why not 2015? A measly £4m. on the PAYS scheme when they are prepared to spend billions on windfarms whose benefits are dubious. We would not need so much power generation if they rebalanced the emphasis more towards conservation. The article about the Victorian house on your website shows what can be done. A few of those £billions spent on making every building in the country as energy efficient as current technology permits with super insulation and whatever micro-generation is suitable for the circumstances would be a long-term solution to energy saving, energy generation, energy security, energy costs – do I need to go on? Time to go back to the drawing board.


One of the most infuriating thingsI come across is when I'm looking for a new appliace the wattage rating in not easily visable and and most shop asistance don't have a clue when you ask for details of the power usage. On TVs or similar the usage cannot be seen without having to ask to see the plate on the back which some shops arereluctant to do. when one considers that the useage power between similar models can be halved. by asking the right question. Shouldn't it be madatory to provide that information in any easyly visable form.

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