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September 02, 2010


Energy Saving Trust

Hi Damon, thanks for your interest – we’re glad you’ve been thinking of us. The whole site is currently undergoing a much-needed renovation, and the ‘Energy Saving Trust Recommended’ team is working to make improvements to both the structure and the content of its product information. We want our website to be a simple place for people to find their energy saving products. It should be complete very soon.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the ESTR team on 0844 8488857.

Damon Hart-Davis


While I would dearly like to use your device energy ratings you fail me each time I buy a new appliance and I have to go elsewhere.

I was told that you don't rate washer-dryers "because they are inherently inefficient" though you do/did the washers and the driers separately and many of us don't have space for two appliances especially for a drier that would only be used a few days a year when line drying outside or in is impossible.

We couldn't use your ratings for selecting a fridge/freezer or dishwasher.

We now come to upgrade our ancient CRT TV to a lower-power LED LCD model and again your site is impossible to use: bad search, no/few in-use consumption figures, and no search by such figures.

I've had to resort to sust-it.net each time since they actually have the information and search facilities needed to select the most efficient device meeting several criteria.

I fear that your appliances selection is a shambles.

We are a family of four, use well under half the average household energy, have someone with an advanced degree and the enthusiasm to get this stuff right, and EST doesn't help.



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